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March 24, 2017

The Colors of Spring

Each fall, Pantone releases their top 10 colors for the coming spring based on the color trends at New York Fashion Week. Now that spring is in full swing, take a look at the top colors of the season!

Greenery (Pantone 15-0343) - Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is a lush green taken straight from nature.

Niagara (Pantone 17-4123) - The name evokes thoughts of water, which is perfect for this blue shade.

Primrose Yellow (Pantone 13-0755) - A warm, bright hue reminiscent of a sunny day.

Lapis Blue (Pantone 19-4045) - While blue is always a popular color, this shade is a richer, darker color than the first blue in the list.

Flame (Pantone 17-1462) - A bright, fiery orange that is perfect for warmer seasons.

Island Paradise (Pantone 14-4620) - Another blue on the list, but this one is a lighter shade reminiscent of the sky on a sunny spring day.

Pale Dogwood (Pantone 13-1404) - This light pink shade reminds us of Rose Quartz, one of Pantone's 2016 Colors of the Year.

Pink Yarrow (Pantone 17-2034) - Named after a hue of the yarrow flower, this is a bright bold color.

Kale (Pantone 18-0107) - This green shade is named after the leafy green vegetable that the color resembles.

Hazelnut (Pantone 14-1315) - One of the few neutral shades on this list, Hazelnut is a toned down, light brown/tan shade.

Do any of Pantone's top spring colors go with your branding? Which is your favorite color for spring?

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March 16, 2017

Product Spotlight: Pitchfix Deluxe

Despite the recent snow here in Chicago, we know spring is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to start planning your spring and summer promotions. Last spring, we gave you an overview of our favorite golf promotions, and one of the products we mentioned was the Pitchfix Deluxe. This is a fantastic high end client gift, and a tool that every golfer will love. The set comes complete with a pro shop quality quick release divot tool and a set of three magnetic ball markers that attach to the divot tool. With the Pitchfix Deluxe, the tools are housed inside a sturdy metal gift canister, which can be branded with your logo in a dome label. Other packaging options are also available depending on the price point you want. Take a closer look at the Pitchfix Deluxe in our video below.

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March 2, 2017

Product Spotlight: Travel Chargers

Some of the biggest sellers in the promotional products industry are tech accessories, such as phone chargers and battery banks. Today we're taking a closer look at two new dual use chargers that we really love. Check out our videos and let us know what you think of these new products.

The C300 is one of our new favorite items, because it doubles as a battery bank. We're a fan of most 2-in-1 products, and this is no exception. The dual functions make it perfect for traveling when packing space is tight. You can plug it into the wall to charge your phone, or simply use it as a portable battery bank when it's fully charged. We think it's genius!

The RK1000 is another great dual use charger that is ideal for travel. Instead of carrying your wall charger and your car charger, you can get both functions with the RK1000. The large imprint area is also a nice touch for promoting your brand; this would be a great trade show giveaway.

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