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February 9, 2017

Product Spotlight: Custom USB Drives

In the world of promotional products, USB drives have a long history. They are simple, yet effective. Because they are rarely discarded, your brand message lives on long after your client or prospect receives the flash drive. Even though USB drives are nothing new, manufacturers keep finding ways to upgrade or reinvent the flash drive. In the first video below, we show off some of our favorite unique designs. With everything from stock designs to fully custom mobile memory sticks, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

But, the look of USB drives isn't the only thing changing in the world of mobile memory. The latest in flash drive technology is the USB C drive. It's smaller than the traditional USB port, and new mobile technology is using this new C drive with increasing frequency. Since older devices may not support this new technology yet, DBP has a solution that allows USB C drives and traditional USB drives to access the same information using a dual port thumb drive. Check out our second video below for more info on USB C technology!

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