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May 31, 2016

Are Calendars Still Relevant?

The answer to this question is simple: Yes! 

Offering your clients a custom year end calendar is a great way for your brand to stay top of mind all year long. Besides the obvious benefit of knowing today’s date, a custom calendar allows you to direct your message in a subtle way digital devices cannot. 

Despite the widespread use of smart phones, smart watches and other new tech gadgets, the majority of Americans still use some sort of paper calendar as part of their daily lives.  Maybe it’s the busy parent with their calendar in the kitchen to keep track of family activities, or the organized business professional jotting notes, or someone just preferring a planner they can hold in their hand that is not battery powered. 

There are so many ways to customize a calendar - it is truly one of the easiest and most cost effective marketing tools you can buy. Keep you client’s eyes on your brand all year long!  Coupons and helpful tips are great customization options. 

DBP can help you promote your business with a custom designed calendar.  DBP can also help you create other styles of calendars, such as magnetic calendars for the fridge or business card calendars. No matter which style you choose, a custom calendar is a year-long marketing investment that offers a great return on investment and repeat customer traffic.  

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