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April 27, 2016

It’s Time to Golf!

With the spring season comes golf season. Golf is a favorite sport for networking and fundraisers, as well as for personal enjoyment during down time. According to, the number of people who played golf in 2015 was estimated at 26 million! Using golf-related promotional products is a great way to get your brand in front of this market. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite golf products that our clients use.

Golf balls – since golf can’t be played without them, they are always in front of golfers. These are also a fantastic option for any budget level, since there’s such a wide range of options available.

Tee setstees are another great promo item that many golfers won’t golf without! We love these awesome Tee Shakers, which have a 360 degree wrap which allows for maximum branding potential. For a smaller option for tradeshow giveaways, these golf tee sets are a win.

Divot tools – we recently fell in love with the Pitchfix Classic Golf Divot Tool Deluxe Gift Set. The set comes in a round tin featuring your logo, and includes a spring release divot tool and three magnetized ball markers. It makes an excellent client gift! 

Golf towels – these are a tried and true standard for branded promotional golf products. Our favorite is the Anvil Deluxe with hook and grommet.

Cooling towels – following along the towel theme, these amazing cooling towels are perfect for a hot summer day on the green. The Keep It Cool Golf Kit has its own carrying case and even comes with two golf balls and five tees! It’s perfect not only for golfers, but anyone who wants to stay cool on a hot day.

Golf umbrellas – a vented golf umbrella, such as the Georgetown Folder Plus, is the perfect choice for golfing in a windy area. The vented mesh allows wind through while protecting you from the rest of the elements.

Sunscreen – everyone knows you should put sunscreen on before you head out to the course on a sunny day. The Double Eagle Golf Kit provides not only sunscreen, but also includes hand sanitizer, mints, lip balm and a luggage tag. We also love this Keychain sunscreen for an easy and portable option.

Visors – shield your eyes from the sun with customized visors. This Comfort Visor is a great cost effective option with a large logo imprint area. For a more stylish option, this cloth visor can be embroidered with your logo and people are sure to wear it for years!

Golf bag water cooler – staying hydrated on a hot summer day on the course can be difficult when Koozie Golf Bag Water Bottle Kooler is perfect for a day on the links. It looks like a mini golf bag and clips to your big golf bag with a metal carabiner.
all of your water has gotten warm, which is why the

Club covers – these Callaway Vintage Headcovers are a great way to get noticed! Attractive acrylic knit can be embroidered with your company logo, and the long neck provides extra protection for your clubs.

Battery banks – while you might not immediately think of battery banks when you think of golf, they are still a wonderful item to have on the course. A business meeting over golf could have an early end if your phone dies on the 9th hole. Having one of these sleek battery packs could save you from running out of power at the wrong time!

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