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April 12, 2010

Explore these easy ways to boost productivity!

When morale is high, productivity soars. Reaching great heights takes time and effort but shouldn't be such a chore. Consider these few fun tips that will start to lift your team's spirits, decrease turnover, increase employee loyalty and result in a more productive work environment.

Go Green
Did you know that the presence of plants in an office helps reduce stress and sick absences while improving air quality and overall wellbeing of your employees? Research has proved creating greener spaces indoors makes for a healthier and more productive workforce.

Kick Up Some Competition
A great way to rekindle camaraderie is to get your team involved in some sort of challenge together. Look for a fun sport tournament or charity fund-raiser to help build the strength of your team.

Theme Days with Purpose
Designate one day a month as a theme day. Get creative by having everyone bring a photo from their favorite vacation, share an embarrassing moment or wear their favorite hat. Start the day with a show and tell, give awards for the best and reap the benefits of a more united team.

Write Smarter Memos
It won't take more than a few extra minutes of your time, but including a fun point on your memos can completely transform the mood of your messages. Include song lyrics, an inspiring quote, YouTube video or neat news link loosely related to the topic of your memo. It will help your memo get your team's attention, make individuals more inclined to accept any new rules and help them remember it's purpose.

Take Field Trips
A change of atmosphere will reenergize your team, refuel your employees' creative tanks and allow everyone to breathe a little easier in a neutral surrounding. Take a visit to a local park, museum or gallery. Conduct your meeting after a brief walk around to see the sites. You'll be impressed how this fun time can inspire great productivity.

Invest in Your Team
Encourage your employees to attend seminars, classes and networking events even if they are not directly related to the company's industry or their office tasks. Offer compensation or "office grants" to those that pursue the additional education. This investment in your employees will benefit your company through increased employee loyalty and more creative problem solving skills.

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