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January 8, 2010

Making Business Resolutions for 2010

The celebration of the New Year is the oldest of all holidays and it’s no surprise that the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions also dates back to ancient times. Although the custom has withstood the test of time, it’s questionable how many resolutions have been kept for longer than a week.

In any case, the start of the new year is a good time to reflect on your business’s progress, achievements and failures of the past year as well as identify new opportunities, development routes and goals for the new year.

Here is our list of the most accessible and stickiest New Year’s Resolutions you can apply to your business.

Challenge your Marketing
  • Marketing encompasses all activities involved in creating, communicating and delivering your product or service to customers, partners and the public. Challenge every brochure, email, phone call and other activity you do this year! Ask yourself if each particular activity is achieving all that it can to keep your costumers engaged. Does each brochure include your events for the year, each email an invitation to join your social networking group, each phone call a reminder of the month’s current special? These simple additions can do wonders for your numbers!
Give Something Back
  • Find a cause, association or group in the community that relates to your business. Give what you can. Get involved with an event as a sponsor or sending volunteers, make a donation or partner up on a promotion. Remember the saying those that give get!
Ask your Customers
  • Remember effective marketing is not just finding prospects, but reaching the right targets. A successful marketing plan can get you in front of these potential customers, but knowing what to execute can be a tough battle. Throughout the year, take a little time researching how your current customers found you. This exercise should provide some insight as to what are the best communication vehicles for reaching the right prospects. As your hot leads go up, you’ll see your customer acquisition cost fall!
Don’t Make Do
  • Whether it’s an old computer, an outdated booth display or an overloaded department, just “making do” can be holding your company back. Get a new machine, revamp your look and start outsourcing to lighten the load. Making do just isn’t worth what it can cost your bottom line!
Use a Repeatable Plan
  • Being regular and consistent in your messaging is one of the most important marketing rules to remember. Applying this rule to your execution can also help cut costs and time spent. Your regular marketing plan should have a rhythm of activities that are repeatable. After you find a groove that works, you’ll have more free time additional targeted campaigns!
Make Time for Fun
  • It may be a tough economy, but happy employees work better. Mark time on the calendar for a mid-morning stretch, a brainstorm ice cream social or an after work department mixer. Your teams may find themselves with renewed creativity and enthusiasm for doing great work!
Happy 2010!
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